People make the difference within successful companies, which is why managers have particular responsibility when it comes to achieving corporate goals. Their role includes conveying a vision to employees, setting them clear objectives, supporting them in their work and encouraging their development. In order to place even greater emphasis on the subject of leadership within KEG, the company’s management decided to introduce a leadership programme within Europe. KEG is being assisted in this by the external service provider, the BevermannAcademy.


A comprehensive inventory was first carried out in order to establish the basis for the training concept: What are our long-term goals? Where do we stand today in terms of leadership? What are our strengths and possible areas for development? What kind of leadership will we need in the future, in order to remain successful in a changing business environment? In the run-up, interviews were also carried out with global executives as well as future participants, in order to incorporate their expectations into the programme’s structure.

The training concept is made up of a combination of on-site and web-based training. In Module 1 the focus is mainly on assessing skills and the clarification of roles. Modules 2 and 3 deal with the question of which management principles and techniques we use to achieve our objectives. “We want to support our managers and help them to appreciate their strengths and to discover potential areas for development themselves”, says Dominique Buono, who is responsible for personnel development within Human Resources and who has made a significant contribution to the programme.


Members of KEG made a start in November by getting together for the two-day workshop for Module 1. This was to be taken as the basis for the following training modules. In 2018, a further 50 KEG managers will be inducted into the leadership programme. In future, more special modules for in-depth exploration of certain topics are planned, which can then be attended by managers as required.


Statement by Matthias Gutweiler, Managing Director

“With the KEG Leadership Academy, we are seeking to support the cultural development of KEG on the basis of KEG 2.0 and to achieve our long-term “Great Place to Work” and “Operational Excellence” objectives.”