Strategic alliance with MSG INDUSTRY ADVISORS AG

For training and qualification

Innovative, tailor-made qualification concepts & practice-oriented vocational training for the sustainable use of knowledge

powered by BevermannAcademy

As of now, within the framework of an alliance with msg industry advisors AG, we are offering our clients innovative and tailor-made solutions for vocational training as part of the training & qualification programme. This allows BevermannAcademy to adopt msg advisors’ entire training & qualification portfolio. Both companies are working together exclusively on both the content and implementation of qualification programmes. In doing so, they are making use of existing synergies and further developing key offerings – including e-Learning with current key topics, such as digital transformation and master data management, etc.

msg industry advisors ag expertise

  • Comprehensive experience of end-to-end change and integration management
  • Devising, implementing and conducting sector and function-specific training and qualification programmes
  • A high level of adaptability to new technologies, processes and external underlying conditions
  • A diverse qualification portfolio of individual training options, up to and including integrated academy solutions

BevermannAcademy expertise

  • Business people, value creators, RoE Advisors, expert trainers and coaches, as well as sports coaches with comprehensive skills, expertise & experience
  • Client-specific, sustainable vocational training with a winning attitude as the route and RoE (Return On Enablement) as the result
  • Methodological expertise and innovation in developing training concepts
  • Outstanding services as part of national and international projects for 100+ clients

RETURN ON ENABLEMENT (RoE) – Success, by which we can be measured.

We created added-value with tailor-made qualification concepts – and guarantee our clients in-depth content-related dialogue covering the challenges of their everyday business. In doing so, we sustainably and globally ensure professional, methodological, social and cultural skills and expertise, and thereby achieve the on-the-job behaviour required of individual roles or entire teams. We are able to satisfy our clients’ specific qualification requirements, in an individual and customised manner, thanks to our comprehensive portfolio.

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