Bevermann Academy | Interview series | Edition: Results & rewards


The extent of today’s transformation towards Industry 4.0 matches (or even surpasses) the two fundamental transformations in world history: the Neolithic and the Industrial Revolution. A lot of businesses change over to agile approaches, yet only few of them find the change to be going smoothly. Old set-ups and behaviors cannot be done away just by the way, and clashes between the old hierarchical and the new agile worlds are inevitable. Steffen Chalupny and Urs Stoller discuss aspects of how you enable executives and their organizations to cope successfully with the transformation, by highlighting two important aspects: 1. Result-orientation, 2. Rewards.

Goal- and result orientation is a mantra proclaimed by management as one key for being ahead of the crowd, but how to put in into action? And what can be learned from professional sports that can be transferred back to business? Progress-oriented thinking is considered as one proven recipe of success: focus on one match after the other, up until the point in time you reach the end goal, winning the Champions League, with FC Bayern as most likely the winner. At the same time, one should not forget to apply reasonable awards to the teams, thus to stimulate on-going appreciation and commitment throughout the entire journey. Most valuable insights are provided by Urs Stoller in this regard.


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